Baby Potty Chair


Cute potty chair with two little cartoon cats on it. Our baby falls in love with it and never pee on the ground anymore. Easily removable waste bucket for quick and easy clean up. Parent become more relaxing since taking it home.

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  • It can help to form a good habit of potty Independently in the childhood and promotes their independence and self-esteem.
  • Two cute toys and cartoon components design could attract kids attention and make them like to potty training.
  • The shelves of the arms and high back can ensure the child’s safety.
  • The potty is ergonomically designed and comfy for the toddlers to sit.
  • The one-piece insert can be for draining, flushing, and cleaning, Easy to clean.


Product size: 37 * 27*33 cm
Packaging: 37 * 24.5* 33 cm
Product Weight: 0.96kg
Packing weight:1.25kgColor: pink

Two points:

1. Moms and dads, do you have such experience:
Every baby poos and adults must be on one side to hold the care because the baby’s small body is easy to fall into the adult toilet; When baby poos, it is also very easy to dirty the toilet, and it brings bother to the mother’s clean. The foremost necessary thing is to let the baby sit on an adult toilet. in addition, the baby is also very uncomfortable, can’t we help it?

2. Why don’t you use toddler potty:
When the baby is starting potty coaching, it ought to be early to let baby get used to their toilet, so that they can have a step to know the process to go to the toilet. Because at the age of the baby, they like to role imitate, so that the first step is to take him to go to the toilet, inspired him to sit on the potty, set an example to him, and tell him what you are doing. Gradually they will form a good habit of independently go to toilet.    

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